Our Beers

The Beer Studio brewery produces in excess of 40 different cask ales every year, so we are sure we have something for all tastes. We have six different ranges:

  • Core Beers
  • Provenance Brewing
  • The Beer Studio
  • Kansas Avenue Brewing Company
  • Occasional Beers
  • Dock 4 Lager

Our beers use the finest ingredients, sourced from across the globe to produce contemporary ales of the highest quality. With over 150 years of experience we know what we are doing!

Hydes, Made of Manchester - Core Range Bers

Core Range

Our four core beers are brewed all year round. These are cask ales that are traditional in style and possess all of the characteristics you would expect of high quality beers.

An amalgamation of brewing experience and top quality ingredients, these beers ensure our customers come back for more!

Hydes, Made of Manchester - Provenance Beer Range

Provenance Range

The provenance range offers ales that are unique, interesting and flavoursome. Sourcing ingredients from around the world we produce a range of high quality, contemporary style, craft brewed beers. So if it’s a Portuguese Bock or a Canadian beer with Maple Syrup this is the range for you.

The Beer Stusdio - Hydes, Made of Manchester

The Beer Studio

A craft brewery with a difference, our brewers are dedicated to creating beers with an innovative edge – our exciting and unique beers are full of character and of the highest quality.

Kansas Avenue - Hydes, Made of Manchester

Kansas Avenue

The Kansas Avenue Brewing Company range is highly influenced by the craft brewing movement which has thrived for many years in the U.S.A.

As our Brewery site is located on Kansas Avenue the tie in to the craft ale movement isn’t coincidental and neither is the fact that every beer in this range has a link to the state of Kansas.

So if its craft brewed, contemporary styled cask ales you’re looking for, then this is the range for you!

Hydes, Made of Manchester - Occassional Beer Range

Occasional Beers

The Occasional range offers us the opportunity to bring back some classic beers from our past and the chance to introduce products brewed for special occasions in the calendar.

So if you are looking for a beer to celebrate the Six Nations Rugby Union tournament or the start of the football season, then we’ll have something for you.

Dock 4 Lager by Hydes Brewery

Dock 4 Lager

Dock 4 lager is an appreciation to our city’s rich heritage, taking its name from the key part of the port of Manchester. This beautifully balanced and easy drinking blonde lager is available in selected Hydes pubs.

Meet the Brewers at Hydes, Made of Manchester

Our Brewers

Our team of brewers is one of the most experienced in the industry. With an excess of over 160 collective years of brewing between 5 team members, they have seen many changes in the industry and consumer drinking trends.

Led by our production director who is one of only a few Master Brewers in the UK we have the technical expertise to ensure we produce the finest beers around.