Entry Requirements

What we'll need from you
There’s no doubt that a Hydes Tenancy offers a fantastic lifestyle and a way of making a great living. But it definitely takes a certain type of person. That’s why there are a series of requirements you’ll need to meet before you join us.

There’s a huge amount to learn about the day-to-day running of a pub and we want you to know just what kind of business you’re getting yourself involved in.

That’s why we need all our inexperienced prospective Tenants, prior to interview, too undertake the short Pre-Entry Awareness Test (PEAT). It is an online course run by the British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) http://www.bii.org/industry-advice/peat/


An essential component of running any pub, your personal licence will authorise you to sell alcohol in accordance with the terms of your particular premises, and will enable you to become what’s known as the Designated Premises Supervisor.

Full details of how to obtain a personal licence are available from the licensing officer of your local authority or see www.bii.org


As a company that puts a lot of faith in its Tenants and leaves them largely to run their businesses as they see fit, we have to make sure that the initial business plan covers all bases before any Tenancy agreement is signed.

We believe in being upfront with all the information on all of our vacancies, so we will provide you with a shadow P&L account, an up to date price list and any available recent accounts.  This way, having all the facts and figures up front will make your business plan more realistic and likely to succeed.

You’ll also need to take independent financial and legal advice and make sure you’re made fully aware of the effects that any future changes might have on your business plan.

Click here to download our business plan template.


It all depends on the turnover of the site you’re taking over as to how much deposit you put in. Usually, though, it ranges from £3,000 to £6,000. You’ll find out exactly how much within the vacancy advertisement for the pub in question and this will be confirmed during the initial selection stages.


We want to make sure that anyone taking on a Hydes pub is in reasonable financial shape, so we’ll need to obtain a standard credit authorisation report, which will mean you giving us written consent to do so as part of your application.

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