Become a Hydes pub tenant.

Run your own Hydes Pub and you’ll be part of a regional brewer that is one of the few that’ still owned and managed as a family business.

We are a thriving Company and have grown steadily over the last century. We are one of the top 10 regional brewers in the UK, owning over 40 pubs throughout the North West and North Wales, and there is bound to be one that is perfect for you. Running a Hydes pub can be rewarding and enjoyable way of life [and, if you run it right, a lucrative one too]. Our brewery support staff will not only give you our full personal support but the space to run your own business as you see fit.

Run your own pub - become a Hydes pub tenant.

Why run your own Hydes Pub?

Personal Touch

To us, you’ll be a name, not a number (and we’re talking first names, here). We’re not saying we don’t care about the figures – of course, we want our pubs to be a success and make money. It’s just that we also really enjoy building relationships with our Operators and get a genuine kick out of seeing them do well.

Bespoke Support

We’ll be there with the right kind of support when YOU need it. Nothing is off the shelf here, we tailor everything to meet your needs. And no matter what challenges you’re facing, someone is always on hand to give you support and expert advice. You will also have a dedicated Operations Manager who will meet with you regularly to support you in maximising your business.


We will look at offering our products at the right price to suit your business, and unlike our competitors, you can purchase wines, spirits and minerals from wherever you choose. Look at it this way… we’ve been doing it since 1863, so we know what the crack is. And, to people who are looking to put plenty of hard work in and really make a go of it, we’re delighted to pass that knowledge on.

Run your own pub - become a Hydes pub tenant.

Current Vacancies

For all of our current opportunities that are available.

Run your own pub - become a Hydes pub tenant.

Entry Requirements

All you need to know about getting started with your application and the recruitment process.

Run your own pub - become a Hydes pub tenant.

Help & Support

An overview on the help and support that is available for all of our Operators to ensure that you run a successful business.

Run your own pub - become a Hydes pub tenant.


All the questions and answers that you need to support you in your application process and beyond.