Hydes - a brewer and pub retailer based in Media City, Salford

Our Core Range Beers

Introducing five fabulous cask ales, brewed here at our Beer Studio Brewery in Media City, Salford.

These beers are brewed all year round and are traditional in style. We use only the finest ingredients so our extremely high standards of quality are always guaranteed.

Hydes Original

A classic and highly popular amber coloured session ale. Based on a recipe handed down by generations of Hydes Brewers, this is our biggest selling product. We use a combination of the finest malts and English hops – Fuggles and Wye Challenger to provide a fruity and spicy palate. Like all of Hydes cask ales they are dry hopped to add aroma and depth to this Moorish beer.

ABV: 3.8%


A highly sessionable amber ale, brewed to celebrate the year it all began for Hydes -1863. The height of industrial growth throughout the Manchester area meant an increased demand for our beers. Brewed using pale ale and Crystal malts with the addition of a small amount of caramel, this delicious beer is guaranteed to satisfy the mightiest thirst.

ABV: 3.5%

Dark Ruby

A very dark ruby red beer. We are a progressive and forward thinking company but we are proud of our history. This beer harks back to the traditional dark ales of yesteryear. The finest ingredients are used to derive a roasted sweetness in flavour and we add oodles of Caramel to provide a toffee finish and a dark red colour. An easy drinking, sessionable beer with one foot in the past and the other planted firmly in the future.

ABV: 3.5


The newest addition to our core range of beers. A modern beer initially based on the steampunk movement and like Hydes, combining the traditional and the contemporary. A refreshing, zesty blonde coloured ale. We use malt, wheat and flaked rice with plenty of citra hops for a zingy, citrus hit. You don’t have to be hipster to love Hopster.

ABV: 3.8%


Brewed when we relocated to our Salford Brewery, Lowry has become our flagship cask ale. A beautifully crafted golden ale, a fitting tribute to the genius of world renowned local artist LS Lowry. The use of pale ale malts with Citra and Chinook hops ensures mighty levels of bitterness with citrus fruit and tropical flavours. A beer for the “hop heads” and true work of art.

ABV: 4.7%