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Our Beers
The Beer Studio brewery produces in excess of 40 different cask ales every year, so we are sure we have something for all tastes.

Our Core Range Beers

Introducing five fabulous cask ales, brewed here at our Beer Studio Brewery in Media City, Salford.
These beers are brewed all year round and are traditional in style. We use only the finest ingredients so our extremely high standards of quality are always guaranteed.

Hydes Original

A classic and highly popular amber coloured session ale. Based on a recipe handed down by generations of Hydes Brewers, this is our biggest selling product. We use a combination of the finest malts and English hops – Fuggles and Wye Challenger to provide a fruity and spicy palate. Like all of Hydes cask ales they are dry hopped to add aroma and depth to this moreish beer.

ABV: 3.8%


A highly sessionable amber ale, brewed to celebrate the year it all began for Hydes -1863. The height of industrial growth throughout the Manchester area meant an increased demand for our beers. Brewed using pale ale and Crystal malts with the addition of a small amount of caramel, this delicious beer is guaranteed to satisfy the mightiest thirst.

ABV: 3.5%

Dark Ruby

A very dark ruby red beer. We are a progressive and forward thinking company but we are proud of our history. This beer harks back to the traditional dark ales of yesteryear. The finest ingredients are used to derive a roasted sweetness in flavour and we add oodles of caramel to provide a toffee finish and a dark red colour. An easy drinking, sessionable beer with one foot in the past and the other planted firmly in the future.

ABV: 3.5%


The newest addition to our core range of beers. A modern beer initially based on the steampunk movement and like Hydes, combining the traditional and the contemporary. A refreshing, zesty blonde coloured ale. We use malt, wheat and flaked rice with plenty of Citra hops for a zingy, citrus hit. You don’t have to be hipster to love Hopster.

ABV: 3.8%


Brewed when we relocated to our Salford Brewery, Lowry has become our flagship cask ale. A beautifully crafted golden ale, a fitting tribute to the genius of world renowned local artist LS Lowry. The use of pale ale malts with Citra and Chinook hops ensures mighty levels of bitterness with citrus fruit and tropical flavours. A beer for the “hop heads” and true work of art.

ABV: 4.7%

Hydes - The Home of Exceptional Hospitality

Seasonal Beers

Bringing you a fantastic collection of monthly beers throughout 2024 to celebrate classic TV programmes from the past, plus six bi-monthly beers showcasing a range of vintage ales from the Hydes historical archives.

Bulls Hydes

Perfectly balanced with complex flavours creating an amber ale which is both satisfying and deliciously moreish. A slightly spicy, premium bitter that’s a bullseye of a beer.

ABV: 4.2

Available throughout: January 2024

Brown Stout

Brewed traditionally with brown malt, this ale has a deep, warm colour and a muted roasty flavour. It combines delicious chocolate caramel and malt highlights with a satisfying creamy body, whilst the choicest English hops give it a discreet, yet noticeable bitterness. Available January & February 2024

ABV: 4.1

Available throughout: January 2024

Flying Circus

A beer brewed to give a rich, strong flavour with a unique sweet and fruity character. Dark, roasted malts combine with mellow Kent Golding hops to give a truly delicious ale.

ABV: 4.5

Available throughout: February 2024

Suits You

A beer with bold citrus flavours derived from a generous amount of American Citra hops. This pale ale is full of citrus and biscuit aromas with a pronounced hoppy bite. An exceptional pale ale that’s sure to measure up!

ABV: 4.3

Available throughout: March 2024

Pale Ale

A malty, medium-bodied blend of pale ale and Cara malt. This is an easy to drink, medium bitter beer brewed with English Cascade hops which give it a refreshingly floral, spicy and citrus aroma. Available March & April 2024

ABV: 4.0

Available throughout: March 2024

Flowery Towers

Pale gold in colour with a vibrant, orange citrus hop flavour from the use of US Amarillo hops. This is a classic American IPA (it’s not from Barcelona) with plenty of hop character and refreshing moreishness.

ABV: 5.2

Available throughout: April 2024

Don’t Panic

An English take on a US pale ale. Brewed with Pilsner, wheat, Light Crystal and Munich malts and using varying proportions of Perle, Citra and Simcoe US hops for flavour and aroma. We are not kidding when we say this is a happy, hoppy beast of a beer!

ABV: 4.6

Available throughout: May 2024

Light Ale

An easy-drinking session beer brewed with a satisfying blend of English malt and hops. It combines light and malty notes with a crisp and refreshing taste. Available May & June 2024

ABV: 3.9

Available throughout: May 2024

Cunning Pale

A modern pale ale with the aroma of stunning citrus notes, juicy tropical fruits and freshly picked, New World hops. A delicate sweetness with fruity, citrus and spice to the fore. The finish is initially sweet becoming dry and lingering with hop zest. A complex, but rewardingly refreshing ale to behold.

ABV: 4.0

Available throughout: June 2024

One More Turn

A blonde ale with citrus notes followed by a refreshing, pleasantly spicy tone, giving it a lovely-jubbly lightness. A slightly hoppy taste, with notes of fresh hops and fruit. High in bitterness, the perfect sessionable ale. Cushty!

ABV: 3.9

Available throughout: July 2024

Anvil Best

A traditional best bitter celebrating our old ‘Anvil Brand’ at its best. It has a bold hop-forward palate with an earthy and herbal character, which then delivers a biscuit and caramel flavour. The finish is mildly bitter with a brief pop of lemon and an earthy note of black tea. The aroma has a pleasant spicy, fruity scent. Available July & August 2024

ABV: 4.8

Available throughout: July 2024

Happy Campers

A golden beer that is delicious and refreshing, made using our unique combination of hops and 100% English malt. The result is subtle sweet notes and a delicate citrus aroma. Lightly hopped, with fruity scents and an easy drinking, lightness of style.

ABV: 4.1

Available throughout: August 2024

Survey Says

Like all our ales, this beer is crafted with the finest ingredients to deliver a deep amber beer with a clean finish and fruity overtones. The blend of Fuggles and Goldings (the classic twin hop masterpiece) delivers a traditional English beer.

ABV: 4.2

Available throughout: September 2024

Oatmeal Stout

This oatmeal stout is a full-bodied, dark beer crafted from roasted and pale malts, choicest English hops and roasted barley. A generous helping of oatmeal produces a smooth, creamy texture, light sweetness and enhances the body of the beer. Available September & October 2024

ABV: 4.5

Available throughout: September 2024

Four Candles

An outstanding ruby coloured beer with sweet caramel and fruity aromas. Brewed with rich chocolate and Crystal malts plus a blend of Fuggles and Styrian Golding hops. Delicious full-bodied toffee flavour and a fruity finish of figs, raisins and dates, come together to make this a true classic.

ABV: 5.0

Available throughout: October 2024

Say What You See

This golden premium ale has a biscuit like palate with delicate honey notes and a fresh aroma from a select blend of English Fuggles, Goldings and Styrian hops. A fresh citrusy flavoured beer with a zesty, fruity finish that can’t be mistaken.

ABV: 4.5

Available throughout: November 2024

Nut Brown Ale

‘Anvil’ Nut Brown is a tribute to one of our favourite British styles. Deep mahogany in colour, its rich, malt-forward flavour balances notes of biscuit, mild cocoa and earthy hops. A creamy texture and a full body enhance its drinkability. The result is a highly sessionable ale that typifies this once highly popular style. Available November & December 2024

ABV: 3.8

Available throughout: November 2024

Jerry The Berry

A fresh raspberry scent fills the air above your glass with this fruity ale. The natural tartness of raspberries interplays with the smooth malt backbone, creating a well-rounded flavour profile that is both refreshing and satisfying.

ABV: 4.4

Available throughout: December 2024

Grand Central IPA Beer

Craft Beer

Take a Trip through Flavour: All aboard the Grand Central Express for an adventure through a hop-heavy IPA, journeying as far as America and Australia and arriving at the very lightly filtered fruity notes of citrus, tropical fruits, and passion fruit.

Grand Central IPA

Hop-heavy including hops such as Citra, Galaxy and Mosaic. Fruity notes of citrus, tropical fruits and passionfruit. Vegan friendly. Contains gluten.

ABV: 4.2

Dock 4 Lager - Hydes Brewery

Keg Beer

Dock 4 lager is an appreciation to our city’s rich heritage, taking its name from the key part of the port of Manchester. This beautifully balanced and easy drinking blonde lager is available in selected Hydes pubs.

Dock 4 Lager

The DOCK 4 name is derived from the location of the brewery to Salford Quays and Manchester Ship Canal. Previously the site of Manchester Docks before closure in 1982 Salford Docks was the largest of the two docks and was opened in 1894 by Queen Victoria (30 years after Hydes was founded in 1863). At their height, Manchester Docks was the 3rd busiest port in Britain and they were divided into sections consisting of 4 docks in total.

ABV: 4.0%

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