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Hydes has announced a raft of new environmental initiatives which will be introduced throughout the year across different areas of the business from the brewery and head office, to across our pub estate.

At our brewery in Salford, new environmental measures include the installation of state of the art inverter drives which control the speed of the motors during the constant brewing process to improve energy savings. A steam generator has also been installed which, although only used when required such as particularly busy production periods, uses far less energy than other power sources.

The brewery has also been fully lagged with insulation material to maximise energy efficiency, LED movement sensor lights installed throughout and voltage optimisers added to use electricity at 230v allowing significant energy savings to be made.

Further additions to the brewery operation include plant automation reducing inefficiencies and downtime, EV charge points and all dray vehicles are fully solar panel battery powered. Initiatives to be implemented throughout the year include the harvesting of rainwater inside the brewery for cask washing use and investment in an energy-efficient heat pump in the brewery for heating and cooling of the office space.

Across the pub estate, a number of our pubs have installed LED sensor lighting and EV charging stations. A biomass boiler has been installed at the Stamford Bridge in Chester with the intention of introducing similar energy-efficient boilers to more Hydes pubs.

Pubs across our estate have also committed to recycling cooking oil in kitchens and cutting wastage.

Managing Director, Adam Mayers commented: “We are focussed on driving energy efficiency improvements with the brewery, production areas and across all sites. We are acutely aware that our brewery and pubs have a significant impact on communities and the environment, therefore we must work sustainably and responsibly to ensure we can safeguard the future of our business and protect the planet.

“To help conserve energy a sustainability steering group has been created and meets regularly to review all energy efficiency and environmental practices. As well as making significant operational changes it’s also about making smaller, long-term changes to the way our business runs. We continue to fit LED bulbs every time one is replaced and on all refurbishments. We also ensure energy is regularly monitored so targets can be set and achieved. Voltage optimisation and cellar compartmentalisation has also been incorporated at several sites with additional rollout planned for more pubs.”

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