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Exceptional Hospitality

Pub retailer & brewer based in Media City, Salford.

Hydes is an award- winning independent family pub retailer and brewer. Founded in 1863, it has remained an independent brewery in the North West of England and North Wales ever since.
The brewery, based in Media City UK, Salford, is entirely dedicated to pub retailing and the production of cask and craft ales, which are distributed throughout the estate of over 40+ pubs across the North of England and North Wales.
The Company’s success is based on a fastidious commitment to quality in every aspect of the business, from the dedication and skills of our people, the quality of the beers that are brewed to the excellent standards in the Company’s pubs and the exceptional service provided to our customers.

Our Vision

Hydes Brewery - Our Mission
We will consistently seek to deliver attractive environments, high quality products and exceptional service that together deliver premium value to our customers.
To achieve this, we will seek the highest quality in our:


Hydes Brewery - Our Values
Our Values – all part of the Hydes Way


Hydes Brewery - Our Values
Our Values – all part of the Hydes Way


Our Future


160 years of brewing and counting, and we intend to stick around for a lot longer too! We know that our brewery and our pubs have a significant impact on our customers, communities and the environment, therefore we have to work sustainably and responsibly to ensure we can protect the future of our planet and our business.

Our approach to sustainability is based on the following principles:

  • To identify the effects our activities have on our customers, communities and the environment
  • To minimise the use of resources, waste, re-use and recycle where appropriate
  • To, where practicable, purchase products, services and resources from local suppliers in order to reduce the environmental impact
  • To ensure that environmental responsibilities are clearly defined, communicated and understood at all levels of the organisation, providing appropriate training where necessary

How we can help to reduce, re-use or recycle in our day to day business, whilst protecting and maintaining a high standard of service to customers.

Carbon Footprint

  • Turning lights off
  • Enrolling in a tree planting scheme
  • Monitoring our boilers and cellar cooling
  • Turning off equipment when not being used


  • We aim to buy from the UK, from responsible suppliers creating long-term relationships
  • Source from within the locality
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Source products with minimal packaging

Helping Communities

  • Supporting our local charities
  • Sponsorship of local teams and sports teams
  • Looking after our vulnerable customers

Promoting Wellbeing

  • Look after and keep an eye on each other
  • We provide occupational and personal support, counselling and guidance
  • Mental health first aiders
  • Keep talking to each other

Our Story

Our history began when brothers Alfred and Ralph Hyde acquired a small brewing concern from their grandfather Thomas Shaw in 1863 and began the Hydes brewing dynasty.
As the business developed it was managed through the generations by various family members and by virtue of its increasing fortunes it outgrew its premises several times.
With William Hyde now in control, the business came to rest at the Queens Brewery site in Manchester. It was also under William’s leadership that the company began acquiring an estate of public houses through which to distribute its beers.
Hydes Ales acquired an excellent reputation throughout the Northwest of England and in 1944 the company was re-named Hydes Anvil Brewery to incorporate the family trademark.
William’s sister Annie took over the business after William’s death in 1916 and continued to run the brewery successfully for a total of 56 years.
Following the closure of the Queens Brewery site, Hydes moved a new brewery, The Beer Studio, close to Media City UK, Salford in December 2012 where it continues to brew its famous beers.
New innovation in kegging plant to produce keg lagers & craft ales.
Today, we are proud to be one of the only brewers in the country still producing seasonal cask ales alongside a traditional core range and more recently the introduction of craft ales and key keg.
The Brewing Process - Hydes - Made of Manchester
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